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Bold & Beautiful! Rock Rich Hues Braids Like Taje Prest



Taje prest rocks her blue braids fiercely!

While majority of the beauty crowd is tapping greatly into the pastel hair trend, Taje is taking the alternative route by rocking a bold and bright hue. The reason pastel is a crowd favourite could be because pastels are kind of safe. What better way to inject colour and still appear neutral other than pastels?

Just like her personality, Taje rocks bright blue braids and is as confident as ever. Sometimes the best choice is to stray away from the crowd. In this case, opt for colour.

Having on coloured braids with strong chromatic effect can be a little tricky. You already have a definite colour so the rest of your outfits depends on it automatically. Lets analyze Taje’s execution!

Don’t be afraid to go monochromatic

Matchy-matchy fashion is huge right now so don’t be afraid to tap into it. Match your outfit to your hair for chic and popping results.


Understand how to pair other colours

So you don’t appear one-styled the entire time, try to mix up colours for an edgy appeal.

Keep prints in the mix

You might want to rule out prints for simplicity but that’s not the right call. Stay true to your style by mixing prints with your plain ensembles.

We hope the cues are noted. So be ready to spread your beauty wings out of the box. It is 2018, that should be part of your goals. If not, you can take advantage now!

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