Boob Parade! Chioma Abby Zeus Puts Boob On Display 2 Racy

Nudist and founder of The Boob Movement, Chioma Abby Zeus has released new snaps on her Instagram page with her flaunting her bare breasts while revealing a hint of her crotch as she poses without underwear in a black sweater on.

Chioma Abby Zeus is a Nigerian born South African-based body positivity writer, who never shy from showing off her body and always putting up sultry images. She was said any woman who consciously makes money off a man a being horny is a queen and that’s her life motto.

Abby Zeus had on a sweater that she pulled up to show her breast and crotch. She used her hands to cover her private part but she did little to hide her breast.

See photos below; Chioma Abby Zeus

Chioma Abby Zeus Photo Credit: Getty