Boosie Badazz Says “RIP” To His Wheelchair After Friend Breaks It

Recently, Boosie Badazz was embroiled in rumors that he would need to have his leg amputated, following a shooting that left him with a bullet wound to his leg. The rapper later dispelled the rumors, although he did indeed suffer an injury, which not only required surgery but has relegated him to wheelchair status ever since.

He hasn’t let his lack of mobility prevent him from living his life, even in our COVID times. The rapper was seen hitting the nightclub in his wheelchair, he’s still able to perform, and he’s even been out and about in the mall– although the latest trip to the mall apparently resulted in a minor skirmish with a friend, leaving the wheelchair broken in half.

This wasn’t your average wheelchair either– it was one of those electric, scooter-esque wheelchairs (I am no wheelchair connoisseur, mind you), making it very easy for Boosie to zoom around. Taking to Instagram Stories to document his broken wheelchair, Boosie can be heard in the background calling out his friend, claiming, “you broke my wheelchair dog.” The video shows the chair-part of the wheelchair somehow completely removed from the wheels, toppled in half.

Boosie laments, “I have to put you in the grave.” He continues paying homage to his wheelchair, reminiscing, “look at my baby, bruh. We had a nice time together.”

The trolling doesn’t stop there, however. Boosie also encourages his fans to go spam his friend’s DMs, as the one responsible for the deceased wheelchair.

Watch the video below.