‘Broken Heart Doctor’ Finally Tells His Story | VIDEO

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Broken Heart Doctor Finally Tells His Story | VIDEO

Remember a viral video for the medical doctor who was caught crying profusely after his girlfriend dumped him? Welp, you can check that video here if you missed it.

The update of the story is that the doctor who has been nicked “broken heart doctor’ has finally reacted o the video. He has finally given all the inside stories of the viral video.

In the video sighted by Lifestyle.ng, the doctor confessed he was indeed ditched by his lover identified as Ewurama, whom he has dated for eight years.

He recounted how unprovoked, the said lover ditched him over a “minor issue which I never expected to result in this”.

His tears and plight which have gone viral are not his concern, compared to the ‘slay queen’ tag Ghanaians have put on his ex-lover.

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The pharmacist added following the news, several calls have been made by the lover’s parents to redeem her reputation.

He also rubbished claims he took care of Ewurama’s education and other expenses.

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