Buhari speaks on his health


President Muhammadu Buhari has
declared that now that this year’s Ramadan fast is over, he is healthier to
attend to national issues.

The nation’s leader disclosed
that he refused to abstain because he knew the benefits of fasting.

Buhari spoke at the weekend when
he received a delegation of lawmakers, religious leaders, cabinet members,
security chiefs and presidential aides.

Buhari said: “I’m very grateful
to the ministers and church leadership that came to say happy Eid-Filtri to
those of us that have been fasting.

“A lot of people asked me if on
health grounds I can default, I refused because I know the value in fasting, I
cannot miss it once I can do it.

“Last year, I didn’t because I
was on health vacation but this year I have done it and I thank God because it
has helped me to be much more healthy; to give me the time that I need to
attend to national issues.”


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