Last week it was all about the short box braid (bob braids) Now if you want to allow your hair breath you can try out a bun/up-do hairstyle. The bun/up-do hairstyle is amazing and creative at this point the weather is warm which makes it the perfect time to try this hairstyle out. Now some might be wondering if their hair texture can take this look, indeed it can whether it is curly, relaxed or natural this hairstyle can suit any hair texture or face type therefore find the look that brings out your features correctly. Here are some inspirations;This Big braided top knot  is one of the simplest  bun/up-do HAIRSTYLE complete with gel.



There loose bun works when your hairstyle is a ponytail. This look is finished off with gel to keep the hair in check.


This middle part gel hairstyle is perhaps the most common of them all, but its still an amazing look.


This french knot bun/up-do hairstyle requires medium or long hair to achieve this, you can add an attachment for volume. The undercut and the braided back gives this look its uniqueness.


This top bun has a twist which makes it different and unique, it is perfect for naturalista’s.


This swirl front gel twist look is unique, its maid to look like a cap.


This is a neat  bun/up-do hairstyle, just pushed back and covered with braid attachments.


How gorgeous are each  bun/up-do hairstyle?


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