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Can I have a girlfriend and remain 100% focused on my career? – Lifestyle News

Dear Bukky,

I am a 27 years old guy. I’ve got no problem flirting or relating with females, but I have never been in a relationship and… I really fear commitment. I will always choose growing in my career over anything. I feel a relationship might stall my career.

But I really want to try out a relationship or say, have an experience of it. Sometimes I feel that I have lost out on having very lovely females as friends/partners because even though many of them put lots effort into wooing me, I always turn them down. I need advice, please.

Dear reader,

There is nothing stopping you from having both. I really do believe that love and relationships are not necessarily to weigh you down. Really, you do not have to leave one for the other. I repeat again, even more convincingly, that that career that means so much to you is not necessarily threatened by the presence of a lover.

You would need to become a better time manager, and a better  person to accommodate that relationship you are looking to have.

But surely, you can do it. Love and a great career are not mutually exclusive. You can have it all, and please by all means, get it all.

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