Myths About Pulling Out Before Finally Ejaculating:

Of course you may have heard that if your male partner pulls out just before he ejaculates, it can be a great natural way to avoid pregnancy. However, as most health experts will also vouch for, simply pulling out while having s*x is not a guaranteed method that you will be able to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. Here are a few myths about pulling out that you may have heard and that you should know the facts on:

1. Pull Out Before You release To Avoid Pregnancy:

It is truly one of the biggest myths you may ever have heard in relation to getting pregnant or avoiding getting pregnant. Even if your male partner pulls out his man-hood each time before he is about to release, there is no guarantee that you will not get pregnant. While your partner may be extremely conscious and careful, it is not always possible to pull out at a time when there is absolutely no Release at all. Sometimes, your partner may start to release even before he realizes about it. When that happens, he may not realize the actual time that he should pull out, thus complicating matters and making it more likely that you will get pregnant.

2. Pre-c*m Is Extremely Safe As It Does Not Contain Any Amount Of Sperm:

As mentioned earlier, there are varying theories that are attached to whether or not a pre-c*m is absolutely safe and whether or not it does have any trace of sperm that may be left over. According to the two theories that abound, in some cases there may be a chance of some sperm being left over in the pre-c*m, while at other times it can be completely free of any sperm. As a result it is not right to say that a pre-c*m is extremely safe and will not cause pregnancy.


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