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Cardi B Announces Her Breakup With Husband, Offset

This is not a drill! Cardi B just announced her separation from Offset.

Earlier this year, Cardi and Offset welcomed their daughter right before celebrating their wedding anniversary, and now, it looks like they’re broken up. She shared the news on her Instagram page where she talked about the end of their relationship. According to her, things haven’t been working between them for a long time, and they probably grew out of love at some point. However, they’re maintaining their relationship as friends, business partners and parents while they process their divorce.

Initially, many people thought this was a joke until Offset gave a shocking response in the comments section. All he had to say about this post was “Y’all won”. Going down the timeline of their relationship, clips of him cheating on Cardi popped up barely four months after their marriage last year. Fans were even more disappointed when she chose to forgive and stay with him.

Cardi B Announces Her Breakup With Husband, Offset ZUMI

(Photo: Instagram/ IamCardiB)

His response might just be directed at fans who called him out for cheating. Who knows? Do you think they’ll get back together? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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