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Celebrities react to gospel singer, Osinachi’s controversial death


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Nigerian celebrities have reacted to the sudden death of gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, who died on Friday night, April 8, 2022.

Controversy surrounding her death has created an uproar in the entertainment industry. Rumours have it that the gospel singer died as a result of domestic violence from her husband.

Although no family member has confirmed the news, some of her colleagues who were aware of the domestic abuse have opened up.

Nollywood actor, William Uchemba wrote, “If you are being abused through domestic violence and you take the case to your pastor/imam/leas and he asks you to go back to the house where the abuser is, change church. Cos that your leader need therapy too.

“Because not recognizing that the issue is not from you but the man/woman that is the abuser is a major problem.

“And God help you if someone I know and care about come to me and tells me they have been abused by you whether physically or sexually or any kind. Thank God I have money I will make sure I use my last money to send you to jail.

“If you are going through Domestic abuse/ Violence of any kind LEAVE THE HOUSE FIRST, Na person why day alive day discuss forgiveness.”

Blessing CEO advised people to read their Bible instead of following the Pastor’s word dogmatically. She wrote, “If the late sister Osinachi had left her husband, I bet you that no church will call her to come and sing.

“They will discriminate her. The churches have failed us. That is why for 8 years I have never stepped my feet inside church, hypocrite.

“8 years I never enter church and God is still blessing me with good health, success and progress……

“#my ex husband father was a pastor, him mama too na pastor. Kia churches you people need to do better on relationships and marriage .., stop lying to them pls . Read your Bible.

“So many things they tell you about the Bible are lies, read the Bible urself, you will discover so many fabricated myth and lies they are telling u.”

Tonto Dikeh wrote, “If he/she abuses you physically or mentally, LEAVE!!! Physical abuse never ends. Do it for you! LEAVE TO LIVE FOR YOURSELF N FAMILY.”

Daddy Freeze wrote, “Could this really be true? If it were then only confirms what I have been teaching all along. Leave a bad marriage, leave a bad marriage, they will say Daddy Freeze is the antichrist.

“If she had listened to me 3 years ago when I was shouting on every mountain and in every valley, she would be alive And well today. What many of you religious consider ‘endurance’ in marriage, is suicide loading.”

Mary Remmy Njoku said, “Your pastor will not die with you when he kills you! Your family and friends will blame you for leaving and when you are dead, blame you for staying. Leave! Leave! Get out! Run for your life.

“You deserve to be happy!!! You deserve to be alive!! Men no dey finish!!!! NOT all marriages are ordained by God! The God you serve cannot ordain your perpetual torture!!? Some spouses are demons in human form.

“Don’t let anyone confuse you with bible quotes till he kills you!! Run!!!!!! I am still shaken by the news of her death! I am angry.”

Doris Ogala wrote, “She don die Abi? They will say keep quiet…stay in ur husband’s house… protect ur husband…endure…as if life have duplicate…Kai…

“GOD punish who ever that will tell me to keep quiet next time…fight for your marriage…protect your man…. protect kill you there….chai…hmmmmm..I’m bleeding..this is a big lesson…learnt in a hard way..Kai….I can’t even type RIP…Kai.”

Gospel singer, Chioma Jesus said she is in disbelief. She wrote, “OSI’M I’m so heartbroken and still in disbelief.”

Frank Edwards wrote, “So that Unreasonable human being finally put off a shining light.

“I won’t say much now, I’ll let the former NDDC director (AUNTY Joy) who did everything possible to stop this from happening talk 1st, but it still happened. We tried to stop this.”

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