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Today we are comparing the trendy Celebrity outfits of two of our very beautiful and stylish celebrities, Yvonne Nelson and Stephanie Coker, this two celebrities got a lot going on in their fashion trend and style, they both are very classy and fashionable from their hair do to make up, their combinations even their casual outfits makes a statement.

  1. Here Yvonne Nelson is rocking a shinny black long tube gown to a red carpet event, this outfit brings out all the necessary curves and shapes and this makes her look sassy. Stephanie Coker is wearing a black long fish gown also to a red carpet event, an upper lace see through velvet gown with has concepts in the upper region.

Yvonne Nelson in black tube

Stephanie Coker on black velvet gown

2. Stephanie Coker is rocking a plunging neckline floor length white gown to the AMVCA 2015, this gown has a very tempting and nice long slit by the side, her earrings giving the outfit the perfect glow it needs. Yvonne Nelson is doing a short white peplum gown with a silver high heeled shoe and her hair packed up in  a very nice pattern to suit the outfit.

Stephanie Coker in white

Yvonne Nelson in white short peplum gown

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3. Yvonne Nelson is rocking a khaki green three quarter  trouser  suit, with a blue inner and a pink bag and a light blue high heel with silver studs. This outfit is a good look to show a mix of color and professionalism.                                                                                                                                                  Stephanie Coker also opts for a professional look as she wears a green three quarter suit, with a white inner and a grey bag, she preps down the official look with a white converse. This outfit is very creative and a perfect blend of official look,color and fun.

Yvonne Nelson in khaki suit

Stephanie Coker in green suit

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4. Yvonne is wearing a white high waist trouser and a black inner with a white jacket, a brown bag and a white and black flat shoe.                                                                                                                                       Stephanie Coker is also doing  and all white assemble in white jumpsuit and a white jacket, she sums it up with a white and gold purse bag.

Yvonne Nelson in white

Stephanie Coker in white

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5. Yvonne Nelson looking dazzling in this blue gown, she accessories this  outfit with gold a gold shoe.      Stephanie Coker is wearing a long deep V neck aso ebi outfit, styling it up with a blue gele

Yvonne Nelson in blue

Stephanie in blue

These are our some looks from this two fashionable celebrities, showing their different styles and concepts.




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