Charlotte Osei Launches Thirsty Woman Association For Women (VIDEO)

charlotte osei thirsty woman
Charlotte Osei Launches Thirsty Woman Association (VIDEO)

Charlotte Osei, former boss of the Electoral Commission of Ghana has launched Thirsty Woman association for women, a ‘clap back’ for Stingy Men Association formed by Don Jazzy.

Charlotte Osei’s Thirsty Woman Association is her way of addressing the many questions she says young women ask her all the time about life and how to navigate the complexities they are dealing with.

The association is meant to form a community of women who are going to be there for one another and uplift each other through life.

According to Charlotte Osei in a video sighted by Lifestyle.ng, the main target of the association is for young women in their 20s and 30s nevertheless, any woman can join the tribe.

“Launch of Thirsty Woman with Charlotte Osei

Thank you for joining,” she captioned her video while launching the association.

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