Motherhood is so adorable especially with the new baby bump photoshoot that mothers now uses to expect their bundle of joy. Though, i’m not a mother yet but i have seen the way close friends of mine that are expectant mothers feel when they were growing a bump, they want to feel fly and go gaga with their baby bump, they want to look sexy and have something to show their child when he/she comes to this world. Having a photoshoot with your baby bump is also a way to keep record of your pregnancy journey, an experience you will never forget and will cherish all your life.

Taking a baby bump photoshoot can be challenging, from the makeup to the outfit you should wear and going to the location you want to use will not be funny in your present condition. Especially when you are to take multiple photos with different attires, that will requires lots of stress and even funds but all this does not equal the joy a mother feels when growing a bump. There are several ways you can style your baby bump photoshoot, it all depends on your personality, most people open so much cleavage while others do not and sometimes most expectant mothers only reveal their big tummy while some do not show their big tummy. It all depends on how you love to look, we have selected some that will inspire you. Scroll down and see;





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