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Check Out 11 Ultra Stylish Ways To Style Shirt Dresses in 2021

Fashion history welcomed a new member years ago — the shirt dress — when women in movies began wearing men’s oversized shirts. This is arguably the inspiration behind what has become one of the top women wardrobe staples. From women in oversized menswear to a modern classic, the shirt dress has had a long sartorial history seasoned with many pop culture references. In as much

In 2021, the reimagined shirt dress has taken a whole different route from the simple patterned styles we were once used to. Earlier variations from 2010s and before (as lovely as they were) seemed to stick to selected color hues, patterns and shapes. Today, however, this is not the case as special attention now seems to be paid to this once basic (coughs) outfit.

Bursting with vibrant colors and details, this season’s delight is proving why it is becoming a fast favorite of many style stars. From designers to celebrities, influencers to businesswomen, our Instagram feeds are showing that this trend won’t slow down any time soon.

With each woman’s individuality expressed in how she styles the shirt dress, we are witnessing a new meaning of creativity. From edgy asymmetrical cuts, to contrasting accessories, denim jackets and biker boots, this curation will spoil for inspiration on how to stylishly wear the shirt dress. However

Check out 11 ways to style your shirt dress like a pro…

The Mini Approach

Photo: Instagram | Ebube Nwagbo

Style tip: Pop a basic white shirt dress with bold colored shoes. You can tie a print scarf on your neck if you’re aiming for a fancy look like Nollywood actress Ebube Nwagbo.

Photo: Instagram | Cee C     
Photo: Instagram | Angel Obasi

Style tip: Throw on a hat for a western appeal and style your print silk shirt dress with a contrasting pair of shoes for that fashion-forward flair.

Photo: Instagram | Chic Ama   
Photo: Instagram | Toke Makinwa                                                                                   

Style tip: If you’re in for some edginess, pull out your combat boots and layer a basic shirt with pieces that elevate it effortlessly.

Photo: Instagram | Chic Ama                                                                                 
Photo: Instagram | Ebube Nwagbo                                                                                 


The Midi / Maxi Slay

Photo: Instagram | Style Temple                                                                                                 

Style tip: Extra, extra, read all about it! There’s no better way to design a contemporary shirt dress than with the use of details that embody the fashion spirit of the times.

Photo: Instagram | Valsgramm
Photo: Instagram | Jackie Appiah                                                                    
Photo: Instagram | Style Temple

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