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Check Out Stylish Manicure Options For Your Next Appointment

The fact that manicures are a continuous process is the reason ladies get super confused and find it monotonous. We aiding your next appointment though! Trust us, stylish manicure would be the end result!

We cannot stop emphasizing how much most ladies find their manicure appointments stressful instead of relaxing and exciting. Women are supposed to find it exciting because you get to give one of the most active parts of your body a stylish boost. However, the vast choices you have often takes the fun away. We are helping with options because we are all about the stress-free life. Check out the stylish manicure options below!

Edgy Neutrals

We plan to help but not in a subtle way which is why we kinda ruled out any subtle choice. These choices fall into the neutral category but with a little twist. Beaming effect of stones and chrome in addition to minor colour additions make up this laid back but not so laid back category.

Instagram / Beauty In Lagos

Instagram / Kika Good Hair

Instagram / Teannlw

Edgy Trends

Who says your manicure can’t speak the fashion language? If you thought not, these ideas are about to change your perspective. These options are thorough and might seem like too much but you could only incorporate a hint. It doesn’t have to be all the way precise like the inspo photos.

Instagram / Beauty In Lagos

Instagram / Heather Sanders

Edgy Plains

You might be thinking to yourself “is there anything as plain and edgy?” Well, yes! These carefully curated colours would give you the plain edge you desire. From neutrals to cool and sharp chromatic colours, they all create edges within the range you want. All you need to do is pick!

Instagram / Vane Polish

Instagram / Vane Polish

Instagram / Vane Polish

Instagram / Vane Polish

Did get a few stylish manicure options? If yes, hope your next manicure appointment is stress-free.

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