As Africans would say, the way to a man’s heart is food. Aside the fact that food has to be interesting and appealing to the taste buds, the method used in cooking it matters a lot in bringing out the best out of it. Poor cooking habits encourage insipid meals that have little or no nutritional value. Although some people really do not care about how their food is prepared as long as it tastes nice at the end of the day. To that regard, we gathered some various funny cooking practices witnessed over the years; Let’s take a quick look at them.

1. Frying Eggs Using Deep Fry Method

First of all, too much oil is not healthy for the body as the fat from the oil clogs the veins and obstruct the free flow of blood. Too much oil could also lead to overweight. Secondly, eggs are not pancakes and do not need more than a teaspoonful of oil to fry depending on the quantity. But some people find pleasure in making whisked eggs swim in a pool of oil. It gets very tiring when you have to eat eggs that are dripping oil and it gives an awful sickly feeling

2. Adding Salt To Garri

garri The combination is weird not just when soaking garri in cold water but also in hot water. I wonder why some people do it anyway. This does not taste nice at all and it starts as a habit in childhood that becomes difficult to abandon in adulthood. There have been several campaigns concerning the effect of consuming high amount of sodium, and avoiding salt while eating soaked garri will certainly move this cause forward.

3. Using Custard To Cook Beans

beans Most people think every combination of Protein and Carbohydrate will turn out well eventually. Well taking cooked beans with hot-water-made custard may not sound that bad, but cooking the beans together with custard, that is, pouring the powder into the cooking beans, is not a good way to be creative in the kitchen.

4. Adding Too Much Seasoning To Meals

kno Males most especially, use too much seasonings on small quantities of food. They would use eight cubes of seasoning for two cups of beans, all in the bid to make it taste better. These cubes contain Monosodium Glutamate which is not so healthy and does not add any significant nutritive value to the body. Instead of using too much of that, natural ingredients like crayfish, ginger, garlic and onions are better. Or if you must use synthetic seasonings, use it with limitations.

5. Adding Sugar To Yam

yam-2-1024x680 Using sugar for tea, pap and when soaking garri sounds normal, but adding it to cooking yam is not just ok. Most house wives add granulated sugar to yam to make it sweet. Yam already has enough calories in it, adding sugar only increases the calorie content, and your chase to become diabetic. Instead, try to prepare a tasteful stew or sauce that will make the yam more palatable.

Note that eating healthy food is the key to living a healthy and sickness free life. You don’t need to be a nutritionist to know what works best in your pot; read cook books, browse information online and you will be sure to come up with great cooking habits that you can also share with other people.  


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