“All that glitters are not gold” is as good as saying “not all celebrity relationships are as rosy as it seems”. Every day people break up and it doesn’t make the head lines, this is because when they were dating the media was not involved. But for celebrities this is different; the world gets to follow them everywhere they go and as such know who they are dating and who they are beefing at any point in time. It gets even worse when the two parties involved are both celebrities – double media attention. In the Nigerian entertainment industries there has been numerous relationships that were the talk of the nation but are no more today. This article is all about them, giving you a brief run down of some Nigerian celebrity relationships that ended after a brief moment of love drunkenness.

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Nice & Toni Payne

The Alapomeji Artiste, Nice, and the one time love of his life, top designer and TV host, Toni Payne got married in 2008 and after two years of marriage released a statement of their separation. The true story behind there separation is still unknown, as both parties argued over being unfaithful while they were still married. Before they parted ways, they already had a son together, Zion, who is being taken care of by Toni. Initially, fans wished that these two love birds would resolve their individual differences and come back together, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon as Nice now has five children from three baby mamas.


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2face & Vien Tetsola

Top Nigerian singer and song writer, 2baba, husband of Annie Macaulay and father of six, once dated Vien Tetsola who was the 1st runner up and Best Model of the World in 2007. Their relationship started shortly after Vien’s reign and during that time she was flaunting it for everyone to see that she was going out with the ladies’ man. Their romantic affair ended many years ago and Annie won’t be needing Vien on her list of husband hunters.


Soul E & Queen Ure Okezie

When Soul E and Ure were dating, they made people think they were married because of how close they were, irrespective of the age difference between them. Their affair was very much celebrated as the media always had an eye for them, but all that crashed a few years ago.


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When the relationship was fresh, it was the talk of the town ( or rather, talk of the world), to the extent that it was thought that they will be the love of each other’s lives. These were exactly D’banj’s words when he talked about it in an interview:

“We have been trying to keep this quiet but yes, I am dating Genevieve Nnaji. I am in love with her. It’s been long I felt this way about anyone. I don’t know what other words to use to qualify my feelings. She’s my baby, she’s my everything and I love her.”

But what happened later on? They couldn’t keep to each other. Too many ladies flocking around D’banj and a few secret dating of other men on Genevieve’s part killed the love.


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Ene and John have been cool lovers who are more like a married couple than just lovers. It never crossed anybody’s mind that their relationship would amount to nothing of a lasting nature. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, their relationship came to a meaningless end after 7 long years of dating and public showcase. Ene had waited this long, hoping to be taken down the aisle but it never came to be, so she had no option than to shun the scandal and call it quits after all.

John Obayuwana, is the MD/CEO of Polo Ltd, a growing luxury conglomerate, CAT Construction and a couple of other brands. Ene Lawani, is the former Miss Nigeria, who has had the longest reign ever on the throne for 6 good years. She owns her own accessories company based in Surulere, Lagos.

Ene Lawani & John Obauwana (8)


The love story of Timaya and Empress is really devastating. Looking at the way these two people lashed out at each other after breaking up, you’ll hardly believe they were once lovers at any time of their lives. The whole story went sour and they became worse than a cat and a dog. Timaya laments their love affair, saying Empress only brought him ill luck and negative tags. Empress on her on part is not at all bothered by her ex’s rantings. She doesn’t even give a damn!

But when they were together, it was like they were falling head over heels.



Fred Amata started dating Ibinabo Fiberesima after he got separated from his wife, Agatha. Fred and Ibinabo’s romantic affair produced a baby girl before the affair crashed. Fred has since moved on with his life while Ibinabo has equally moved on as she is currently married to another man, Uche Egbuka.

The only interesting thing about these two is that their parting seems to be on a mutual agreement. Looking at the way they still communicate cordially, they are still good friends and have no bitterness against each other.

fred amata ibinabo


KCee and Ebube made quite the pair, they were so happy together that it seemed they could not do without each other. It was rumoured that the Limpopo Crooner, KCee was already married to one Ijeoma whom he has two kids with. He went on dating this popular Nigerian actress and in the long run, none of the two relationships – both his alleged marriage with Ijeoma and his love affair with Ebube made any successful headway.


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Beautiful Ghanaian Yvonne fell in love with Nigerian singer, Inyanya but the so much treasured affair lasted barely for a year. It was later reported that Nigerian actress, Tonto Dike was responsible for the break up. Moreso, Inyanya maintained that Yvonne Nelson’s career was the cause of the crash. He insisted a relationship with a celebrity will hardly last. He also vowed he’ll never date an actress again in his life. In my opinion, it takes two to tango. If she is a celebrity, lets not forget he is a celebrity too.



Former Mr. Nigeria Bryan and pretty international model Bunmi Ademokoya have been in a well publicized relationship and over this period, every eye has been popping out to see them say “I do”.

To confirm how hopeful their relationship was, here is what Bryan said about Bunmi when they were still an item:

“What can I say? She’s the love of my life. She is amazing. She is gorgeous. She is black. She is beautiful. She is my friend. She is a colleague. She cooks. She cleans. She’s God fearing. She’s somebody you want to meet anyday, anytime.”

Contrary to expectations, their affair came to a halt after five years of being together as lovers. Bunmi stated in an interview that she called it quits because the relationship didn’t just work out.



Don Jazzy met and fell in love with Tonto Dikeh when she joined Nollywood newly. When they were still swinging in the love boat, Tonto used to talk enthusiastically about the affair in interviews and social networks. But the affair collapsed after a while and they went their separate ways for no obvious reasons.



Looking at Monalisa and Lanre in relation to age and maturity, they shouldn’t have made this list for any reason. But as celebrity lifestyle would have it, they could not make anything out of their long flaunted relationship. The duo were not only lovers, they were also business associates. This was not the first time they parted ways in their 2 year-old relationship; they’ve done that previously but reconciled. This time around, I doubt if they’ll reunite ever again.

According to reports, more of the blame went to Monalisa who allegedly wanted easy money, lied incessantly, and also engaged in gross infidelity, leaving Lanre with no option than to allow her walk away both from his life and their business venture for good.



If you never heard about Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari’s love affair, it must be that you traveled out of the earth for sometime now. Their relationship was so wave-making,(or rather, tempest blowing) that everyone was fooled into believing that their love is such an undying one. It was even rumoured that Jim Iyke, who calls Nadia his ‘BFF'(Best Friend Forever) proposed and Nadia readily accepted the proposal. But all of a sudden, everything vanished into thin air, when Nadia recently put to bed a set of twins and to everyone’s surprise, the father wasn’t Jim. That was just how the whole love story built and flaunted over the years crumbled to dust. The striking part of the entire story is that none of the two have expressed any regret, disappointment or bitterness over all that transpired.

Does it then mean it has been a big joke all the while or…?


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