Checkout the 9 Unexpected Things That Can Break Your Cøndøm During Séx

We all know what condoms are for, they are for protection against unwanted pregnancy and s3xually transmitted diseases but there are times condoms fail to give the protection they are for as a result of misused . the user either as a result of wearing it the wrong way or the condom bursting during s3x.

A condom is only 98% effective if used well and 0% effective if wrongly used and it can be very scary to find out after s3x that your condom has broken during s3x and your safety as been jeopardised with possible pregnancy and/or s3xually transmitted diseases (STDs).

“Have you ever had a condom break on you? It’s terrifying, the good news is that it is avoidable in the future, as long as you learned why it happened, condom bursting, tearing, breaking, ripping can be as a result of things listed below”.

1. Expired/wrongly stored: “An expired condom or one that was stored in extreme temperatures, left in wallets and places where pressure is applied to it, it weakens and might tear”.

2. Air bubble in the condom: “If you allow air bubble to remain when wearing the condom, you might have a pressure point that will lead to a tear when thrusting”.

3. Too tight: “If the condom is too tight, it could tear during s3x”.

4. Not lubricated: “The condom’s material became dry and hot because not enough additional lubricant was added”.

5. Oil-based lube: “If you use improvised oil-based lubricant like Vaseline or other petroleum jelly, you could weaken the condom leading to a leak/tear”.

6. Wrongly opened: “If you opened condom with your teeth, scissors, or a knife you can compromise the integrity and rip it, when you attempt s3x, it is likely to tear further”.

7. Hairy vag!nal/P3nis area: “During s3x involving hairy pubic region, there is the possibility that hair strands are pushed in and the continuous friction can tear the condom”.

8. Newly shaved vag!na: “Hair on a newly shaved vag1na is prickly and sharp, it can tear the condom at the slightest contact”.

9. Lack of space at the tip of a condom: “When wearing a condom, you need to leave a little space at the tip, if this is not done, it could tear, especially during Release”.

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