Chidera Jedidah Who Destroyed Mum’s Properties In Viral Video Explains Why

A video of a Nigerian young man Chidera Jedidah based with his family in the US destroying his mom’s properties have surfaced and gone viral on social media, with many fingers pointing at him as a bad boy.
As seen in the video, the mom explained that the boy later identified as Chidera came home to ask her for his passport among other things, and when she did not provide him with them, he got angry and destructive. This infuriated viewers the more and many Nigerian commenters are of the opinion that he is doing such and getting away with it simply because he is abroad.
Speaking however, in a series of tweets, Chidera Jedidah note that he the whole plot of the vide was twisted against him as he was not taking his actions because of a disagreement or passport but because he is tired of him mom’s violence and abuse. Chidera recounted some of the things she had done to him, including throwing knives at him and throwing him out of the house.
He went further to narrate what led to his action, adding that he had kept all of these problems private and away from his friends so as to protect his family as they all can be negatively be impacted by this. Seeing himself, however, making rounds on social media, receiving nasty death threats and messages and finding out his family has posted the video to paint him bad, he said is very shocking to him Adding that she, her husbands and siblings are unreasonable hostile towards him, he noted that he does not ever want to reconcile with them.Chidera Jedidah Who Destroyed Mum's Properties In Viral Video Explains WhyChidera Jedidah Who Destroyed Mum's Properties In Viral Video Explains Why
My actions as seen in this video wasn’t isn’t because of “disagreement” or a “passport” issue as my mum describes in the video. My mum is a very abusive, aggressive and violent person… and she has been all my life. When I say aggressive and violent, I am not exaggerating… I have endured plates/knives thrown at me. I even have to remove my mattress and put it up to the door when I sleep for fear she will do something to me in my sleep as she frequently threatens to.
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I have kept all of this very private… not even my friends and good friends knew. So I was in shock to find this video circulating the internet. I have tried talking to her about it but she is to deep in her “Nigerian culture” to ever listen and ends up having aggressive fits. She then left me no other choice when she kicked me out of the house about over a month ago to report myself in. This how social workers and Gardaí were brought in. I was moved to numerous places over the duration of this month and feared going back to her abuse“, he wrote.Chidera Jedidah Who Destroyed Mum's Properties In Viral Video Explains WhyChidera Jedidah Who Destroyed Mum's Properties In Viral Video Explains Why
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Photos Credit: Twitter/Instagram/Chidera Jedidah