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‘Child molestation, the order of the day’, Comedian Princess fumes over recent cases


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Comedian Princess has lashed out on child molesters who have made the shameful act a normal practice in the country.

The comedienne, who is currently in a court battle with her colleague, Baba Ijesha, over the molestation and harassment on her child, has ignited more fumes after a recent case.

Princess took to her Instagram page to blast her colleagues who supported Baba Ijesha.

She mentioned Yomi Fabiyi, The Punch and others.

According to Princess, the world has accepted the shameful act as a normal thing which many ignore if they are not related to the case.

She said, “Even the animal kingdom is not this bad.”

She continued, “4-year-old survivor talks about how her teacher, Mrs Ogar, sexually abused her this traumatized me all over again #Abuseofminors have become the new trend in Nigeria & only few people are speaking up. Even the animal kingdom is not this bad.

“Our society stigmatizes even threaten victims & their parents while the perpetrators like #Babaijesha walk freely.

“Heartless rape apologists like #Yomifabiyi insist on video evidence & promote #Childpornography (in their movies) while insensitive #Punchnewspaper promotes same madness on their page for traction.

“When will this madness stop?!!! Our children are being destroyed daily & most people see it as cruise Awon oloriburuku gbogbo.”

This post also ignited actress Iyabo Ojo, who reacted to it with a request.

She posted a pistol and requested that it should be legalised because she is ready to shoot anyone who tries it with any of her children.

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