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Chrisland: Some Of Your Were Also Active At Her Age, So Shut Up


Controversial Lagos socialite Pretty Mike has come out to drop his two cents on the trending case of the 10-year-old Chrisland school female student.
On the gram, Pretty Mike wrote My heart really goes out to this special young girl from chrisland. My dear I hope u know that this singular act doesn’t define you nor ur future. I hope you hold ur head high and forges on.You are unique,u are great and you shall out shine ur peers in everything positive this life has to offer💞…”Yes u messed up and u will be punished” but I pray u feel more love and understanding than shame. This too shall pass. It’s very easy to look at parents and blame them for the errs of their wards. It’s easy to criticize and judge their parental skills from your high podiums of perfection but you fail to acknowledge the hard work that goes into raising children or the possibility that no matter how hard you try to lead a life worthy of emulation, provide/shelter for ur kids from the ills of society; they might still not be good people☹️… heck!
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it’s even easier to blame celebs, they make better targets right? but what exactly would it solve? All this tirade about her age… Shut up! Some of you were also active at her age. Some of you were sexually mentored/abused by neighbors, relatives and your peers. Nah because your own no CAST ?? Many of you became underaged abusers as early as 6! “I, Myself was a Victim. Can’t you see the picture? It’s a vicious circle that has only been made known by social media and instead of tackling it from the grassroots we are here passing verdicts. We have no one to blame but ourselves,our environment,our society, our government “So Help me God” pretty mikepretty mike

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