Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Reveals The Gender Of Baby No.3 Love

Yesterday Chrissy Teigen wife of American singer John Legend revealed that she and her hubby are expecting their third child together and also mistakenly revealed the gender of their unborn baby. John legend and Chrissy Teigen

Oop! On Sept. 17, Chrissy Teigen took to her Instastories in what most of her fans and followers assumed was going to be a casual check-in. But with close attention, it was noticed that she was set to make a big reveal.

Chrissy mistakenly made the revelation while she was talking about her placenta, “I wanted to update you”, the 34-year-old shared, My placenta sucks”. It’s always been kind of the bad part of my pregnancies with Luna. With Miles, it just stopped feeding him, it stopped taking care of him.

I was stealing all his food because i was getting huge but he wasn’t getting big at all. He had to come out early and Luna had to come out early. I was induced both times. Anyways, it’s super weak. The baby is really, really healthy and he is big!”

Wait, did she just say ‘he?’ Yes, it’s going to be a boy!

“I am stupid.” Chrissy continued after covering her mouth and confirming she accidentally let the sex of her third child slip. “Anyway, so yeah it’s growing beautifully. Everything is good, I’m feeling good but my placenta is really, really weak and its causing me to really bleed a lot.”

Chrissy went on to say that her biggest priority at the moment is making sure her placenta is healthy again. As a result, she is continuing a two-week-long rest.

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