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Christmas: Thoughtful Gift Ideas Whether It’s the First Date Or Your Bae



The holidays are almost here and if you’re unsure of what to get that special someone in your life, or even someone you’re just interested in, you don’t have to panic or go overboard on the spending.

For singles or unmarried, we have a few levels in that relationship status to consider what kind of gift you could get someone. This post is for the folks who may need some guidance in the right direction in terms of a gift this Christmas, Kwanzaa, or New Years. So where are you in this single/dating season? Find some thoughtful gift ideas here:

Just talking: No gift

No gift?! Hear me out! Gifts are nice to give and to get, but if you and this other person are in the “just talking” phase, that means that you may not know enough about each other yet to exchange gifts.

What I’d recommend is not giving a tangible gift, but to be the present. No, not in a s*xual manner, but in terms of an actual date. Since it’s just talking right now, you can talk in person on a wintry day date between the holidays and still make it special.

One on one time is a great way to connect with this person and see if you have more in common than you initially thought. The goal is to keep it simple. There are no commitments, so don’t make it seem that way until you are certain you both want the same things in a relationship.

Dating: Thoughtful or a date gift

Again, with dating, depending on where you both are in that season, you can give a simple friendship based item as a gift. This is the time for you to apply what you’ve learned so far about the person you’re dating and give a small, thoughtful token that lets them know that you’re listening when they express themselves.

Are they into art? Buy a new paint brush or sketch book. Do they love chocolate? Get a well-presented box of their favorites or assorted variety for them to enjoy. This doesn’t have to be fancy, just considerate.

If you’re still not sure what they may like, you can take the initiative and purchase an activity you can do together. Most deal sites like Groupon have plenty of ideas for couples to enjoy the season and at a good rate from museums to events and cooking classes. Try something new or plan a themed date around the deals and spend some of your holiday, or in between time, together.

Relationship/Courtship: A gift that invests in them

When you’re in a committed relationship or courting, you are dating with a purpose and see them as a potential spouse. This holiday season give something that invests in them as an individual.

The goal is to mutually build each other up, so what would take them to a new level in 2016? This gift could be in the form of a book they really want, a conference admission, classes or sessions for a skill they want to learn, etc.

Don’t limit yourself. Think about the goals that they expressed to you and give a gift that reflects them meeting that goal. It shows thoughtfulness and that you’re in this to see them become who God has destined them to be.

Engaged on the way to marriage: Together gift

Are you engaged and on the way to being married? Congrats! When the holidays come around, you may feel like the wedding planning will take the entire gift budget away, but there’s no fear this season!

Take a break from the wedding planning and focus on you two developing your marriage. Consider giving a gift that reflects your relationship together.

One example is to take photos from your early days in dating and create a photo collage that’s printed and framed. Consider memorable dates and milestone photos of you together.

A cute message on the frame could be “We’ve only just begun…” or something like that. Engrave your names, add a special date, or your favorite scripture as a couple. Overall, think of a gift that expresses that you are together for the long haul. These kinds of gifts are romantic as they are thoughtful, and best of all—affordable

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