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Cinnamon & Honey Drink Recipe For Weight Loss



Among all the weight loss fusions out there, one effective option is said to be the powerful combination of cinnamon and honey, especially when drunk at specific times in a day. 
The word ‘honey’ in itself is often associated with feelings of love, energy, and natural purity. Its unique properties are known to possess potent antimicrobial agents when applied topically. While it’s enzymes also works wonders in stabilizing our body’s pH levels and breaking through stubborn fat deposits in our bodies.
Cinnamon on the other hand is derived from the inner bark of an evergreen tree that grows in the tropics. Just like honey, it also contains strong antimicrobial enzymes and antioxidants which help our bodies heal faster, unclog blocked arteries, and keep our cholesterol levels in check.
So, when combining the individual powers of cinnamon and honey, it is said to help us manage our weight better.

1. The Cinnamon-Honey Potion Recipe

If you have trouble losing weight, then all you need is the recipe of this golden and brown speckled elixir.

Start by boiling 1 cup of hot water and then pour it in a glass.
Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder to the water and mix well.
Note: Cinnamon naturally repels water, so it may take a little extra stirring than normal.
Once it is well blended, add 1 tablespoon of organic honey to the water and stir till they are both mixed well in the water. 
Your weight loss elixir is now ready to drink!

2. The Most Effective Times To Drink This Potion

Although this drink works wonders on kicking out stubborn fat, it is just as important to know the best times in a day to drink it.

In the Morning:

Make sure you drink ½ a cup of this cinnamon-honey potion on an empty stomach in the morning either right after you wake up or at least 30 minutes before having breakfast.

Before Bedtime:

Essentially the time after dinner and before sleeping is when your body’s fat is most likely to set in, so why not attack it at the .? Drink ½ a cup of this cinnamon-honey fusion about 45 minutes after having dinner.

3. The Weight Shedding Secrets Of This Fusion

Starting your day with the honey-cinnamon fusion pumps up your digestive system, naturally boosts your metabolism, and even keeps your body’s energy levels up till noon.
Their combined properties also control the levels of your hunger hormone being released hence keeping you from snacking between meals and reducing your appetite.
The naturally occurring glucose in honey keeps you energized by burning the fat as your fuel, while the cinnamon helps amp up how your body’s metabolic engine runs. 
This drink is also said to reduce those annoying cravings for a midnight snack, so you and your tummy can sleep peacefully while it works on those fatty parts.

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