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Comedian, Acapella Mocks Africans For Calling On The God Of Israel



Nigerian comedian, Acapella has taken to social media to mock his African brothers and sisters who call on the God of Israel when they are faced with battles.

Sighted on his official Twitter page, Acapella threw light on the fact that while Africans cry out to the God of Israel, Israel as a nation is has their own battles they fight, however, when they are going to war, they go with missiles.

The comedian’s tweet has generated funny comments from social media users and interestingly many have alluded to his submission.

See his tweet below;

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The Isreal we call is not the city but the man Jacob in the Bible whose name was changed to isreal


Dis life oooo don’t try to understand too much ooo because u nor fit understand dis life finish oooo


No lies, we’re shouting at God to fight our battles meanwhile God already equipped us to do so



God of Isreal ,Egypt and the rest will still fight my battle 😂😂😂.


Stop lying cause i be calling the God of Abraham since i was born


That’s why I don’t attach names or places when calling God… E.g God of abraham, Isaac and jacob,God of pastor t.b Joshua etc… My God is enough biko..cuz person no sure the kain God wey Dem dey serve

. Comedian, Acapella Mocks Africans For Calling On The God Of Israel Follow GhGossip.

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