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Common Dangers Of Long Distance Relationship And What To Do

If you’re in a long distance relationship or about to enter into one, you have to understand that the rules here can be quite different from a regular relationship.

What are the dangers of long distance relationship and how do you keep you and your partner going strong through it all?


When you don’t see your partner every day, it’s easy to be blinded by insecurity. Your imagination starts to run away with you and you imagine him in all kinds of scenario. You wonder if he’s cheating on you or have other love interests over there.

What to do

Reassure each other of your love. Whenever these feelings pop up, don’t be shy to talk to your man about it. Hearing him affirm to you that he still cares for you may help clear your head.

Common Dangers Of Long Distance Relationship And How To Avoid Them

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When you’re in a long distance relationship, boredom can set in. This is one of the dangers of long distance relationship. You find that there’s not much to talk about and you may settle into a dull routine which quickly kills the relationship.

What to do

Get creative. For example, you can set aside days where you watch movies together. Choose a film and you should both watch it and talk about it at the same time in your respective homes. You can do other things as well. You can . online games together and make it a point to share interesting parts of your day with each other.

Loss of intimacy

Unlike most couples, you and your partner don’t have the luxury of kissing, holding hands and making love. This makes it to the list of dangers of long distance relationship because intimacy can easily disappear from your relationship if you let it.

What to do

Communicate. A long distance relationship will never work if you don’t use your words. In fact, you can build intimacy on just words alone. Talk about what you would do if you were together. Thanks to the internet, you can even engage in phone sex, skype sex and so on.

Common Dangers Of Long Distance Relationship And How To Avoid Them

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Getting blindsided by a change of plans

Plans can and will change and this can be one of the dangers of long distance relationship. Perhaps one person realizes that the time apart may be extended or wedding plans may be put on hold. Then they wait until the last minute to drop this bombshell on the other one who has been making their own plans based on the initial agreement. This can cause the whole thing to crash.

What to do

If it looks like plans are changing on your side, make sure you bring it up right from the conception stage. Don’t wait until it’s a done deal. Tell your partner as soon as the thought begins to take shape in your head so you can talk through things together. It helps them to prepare and feel a part of the situation.

To learn more, here are ways to keep things fun and exciting in a long distance relationship.

Do you believe LDRs can work? Share your thoughts below.

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Relationship Tips

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