A great marriage is made up of many fragments among which are compatibility and chemistry.

Compatibility is that word which explains the shared values and beliefs of two people. A couple that is compatible views life from the same angle, share the same values, beliefs and would largely, if not always,  judge situations in the same way.

Chemistry is that word that explains the sparks that fly between two people. With just a look, one could arouse the most powerful sensations in the other, and the physical connection between both partners is just ceaselessly sizzling.

That is chemistry and every marriage needs it as they also need compatibility.

Of the two, though, compatibility is more needed and this is because at some point chemistry will no longer be enough to power the relationship.

At this point, what will keep the marriage together and help the partners navigate through difficulties is the strength of their shared values and how they choose to jointly face their issues.

Chemistry is more of a physical thing and it’s effect will not always be as potent as it was when both partners first met. When partners are compatible with each other though, they stand a bigger chance of getting better with time like fine wine.

If you have to prioritize either of these in your marriage or potential marriage, it is better to let it be compatibility.

.: Pulse