Home News ‘Concentrate on being Davido’s son’s nanny’ Timaya warns Ubi Franklin

‘Concentrate on being Davido’s son’s nanny’ Timaya warns Ubi Franklin


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Afrobeat singer, Inetimi Timaya Odon, professionally known as Timaya, and music manager, Ubi Franklin, have gone on a heated battle over past disagreements.

A fight, which had ensued between the two celebrities in January 2021, had escalated on Wednesday leading to an online display with a series of tweets.

The singer referred to Ubi as Davido’s nanny, bringing Ubi’s memory back to the time he got beaten by him.

He tweeted, “Ubi Franklin you remember the beating I gave you in January last year? Don’t let me beat you again, and please I like your new JOB.

“As Ifeanyi’s NANI and please don’t mess it up. Davido is a good guy he can make your life. Please focus on your new JOB. Thanks.”

Ubi responded to the tweet stating that Timaya only got to him because he (Timaya) was drunk and he (Ubi Franklin) was only defending himself. He added that Timaya had apologized the day after the fight.

According to Ubi, Timaya is coming at him because he didn’t take sides with him with his recent hit-and-run scandal.

Ubi, in his series of tweets stated that he has proof to back his claims.

He wrote, “I know because y’all see timaya act gangster you feel say him fit beat me 😂😂😂 No Wahala, I go find that CCTV footage from my oga house see how he knelt down to beg.

“He called me the next day to apologise cos he was high and attacked me unprovoked, self-defense came to play.

“I made sure he got his, I wasn’t satisfied because they were too many Big Boys/men who knew he attacked me unprovoked because he was drunk and I did mine to fill gaps. I am not a violent person, but I will defend myself.

“Timaya is so petty. You are angry because I told how wrong it was to knock a woman down and leave her to her fate.

“You come to talk trash here today? I am not a person that will see wrong and keep quiet. You were wrong to have knocked that woman down and left her there. Period.”

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