Conor McGregor Spotted Walking With Crutch After Poirier Loss

Conor McGregor went up against Dustin Poirier last night in a rematch of their fight from 2014. Unlike the last time, however, Poirier was able to come away with the win and he did so in truly stunning fashion. During the second round, Poirier got McGregor off balance with some huge leg kicks and then eventually hit McGregor with a huge hook to the face that had him falling back on the ground. From there, Poirier quickly finished off the fight, which led to a huge reaction from fans on social media.

After the fight, McGregor noted that he would be back and would be much more consistent with how often he fights. While this may be true, footage captured after the fight showed McGregor walking with a crutch on his right leg, which is the leg that was continuously battered by Poirier.

Based on the way McGregor was limping, it’s clear that he was hurt pretty bad in the fight, which means Conor will have quite a bit of recovery before he can think about training for his next fight. Of course, this will only serve as motivation for McGregor although the injury is yet another reminder of just how much Poirier dominated the battle.

Stay tuned for updates on McGregor and the UFC, as we will be sure to bring those to you.

Conor McGregor

Steve Marcus/Getty Images