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Consequence Explains Why He Voted For Kanye West For President



President Donald Trump may be struggling with admitting defeat, but Kanye West put his presidential loss behind him. The rap mogul was able to acquire approximately 60,000 votes out of the 160 million that were cast, and West has already expressed interest in entering the 2024 race. There were many of West’s famous comrades who helped promote his presidential aspirations, including Consequence who admitted that he cast his vote for his G.O.O.D. Music friend.

“That’s my brother. Kanye’s my brother, so if anybody brother was running for president, they would vote for they brother,” Consequence told TheJasmineBrand. “Our children play together. So, if he was going to the White House, I was going with him. When he goes to the governor’s mansion, I’m going with him. So, that’s just what it is.”

“We’ve had a friendship and a brotherhood that’s endured since 2002, so we’re going on 18, 19, 20 years,” he continued. “We had a time where we weren’t seeing eye-to-eye and had a falling out and we patched that up and we love each other like brothers. I love him, I love his wife and their children and their family. They treated my son like a blood relative and anything that he needs from me no matter what, I’m there for him.”


Consequence added that there aren’t many people who have that close of a relationship with Kanye where they can see what type of person he is in private. “He’s not crazy. He’s not off the rails. He’s a very passionate person about the ideals that he has and he’s juggling a lot.” Ye’s GAP collection will arrive in January, according to Cons, and with the Yeezy brand as well as the music front, Ye has a lot on his plate.

“With the Black community, we can’t abandon each other… We gotta hear each other out.” Watch the clip of Consequence speaking about his “brother” Kanye West below.

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