Coronavirus: Atiku Tells Buhari How To Protect Nigeria’s Economy

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WHO has declared coronavirus a global health emergency (image courtesy: AFP / NICOLAS ASFOURI)

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has asked the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to suspend the policy on stamp duty on all types of accounts temporarily due to the coronavirus.

The chieftain of the opposition PDP said Tuesday that Nigeria must take decisive economic action to protect her people from the ravages of the virus.

Concise News understands that global deaths and infections from virus have surpassed those inside China, where the outbreak was first recorded, for the first time since late last year.

More than 175,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in over 160 countries and territories, with major outbreaks in mainland China, Europe, Iran, and South Korea, among others.

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Over 6,700 people have died from the disease and more than 77,000 have recovered.

“The coronavirus is raging in the world and not just ravaging human beings, it is also affecting economies. Nigeria is not an island onto itself, and we must take measures to protect the economic well being of our nation and people.
Every action that can be taken to ease the cost of doing business in Nigeria and reduce the cost of living, while promoting consumer confidence must be implemented,” Atiku said in a statement issued Tuesday evening.

“All hands must be on deck in a multi-partisan manner to ensure that Nigeria does not return to an economic recession. This is possible with decisive leadership and disciplined management.

“As such, I recommend that policies like the Stamp Duty on all types of accounts be temporarily suspended, until such a time as the nation’s economy has turned the tide in the fight against this virulent scourge.”

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