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Coronavirus: Chinese Tourist Dies in France As Death Toll Hits 1,525

The first fatality from the deadly coronavirus has occurred in Europe after the death of an elderly Chinese man over a lung infection at Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in northern Paris.

The death was confirmed by the French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn which marks Europe’s first fatality.

The man had been receiving treatment in the French hospital since the 25 January before giving up the ghost.

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The death of the octogenarian is one of 11 cases of COVID-19, which is the medical name for the acute respiratory disease caused by the virus, in France.

This is the fourth death to be reported outside mainland China.

According to reports, 1,525 people have died from COVID-19, with most in mainland China but one each in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan.

67,079 people have been reportedly infected since the virus started in mid-December in Wuhan, with 63,866 in mainland China.


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