Coronavirus: Sanusi’s Test Result Revealed After Meeting With El-Rufai


Sanusi Lamido (image courtesy: Kaduna Government)

The former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido, and his wives have tested negative for coronavirus (covid-19) disease.

Concise News reports that the tests follow a series of meetings with the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai, who, on Saturday, disclosed he had tested positive for the virus.

A statement issued by the son of the former emir, Adam Sanusi, states that the Sanusi “family has been inundated with calls asking about the health and safety of my father [Sanusi] especially given the number of visitors he received on arrival in Lagos, and a number of contacts he had who have either tested positive for COVID 19 or were in contact with persons who tested positive.

“As for my father, on March 25, he and all our mothers submitted samples for the COVID 19 test. These samples were taken at home under the supervision of Dr. Alero Roberts, the second Vice Chairman of the Association of Public Health Professionals.

“On March 27th Dr. Roberts conveyed the results and all of them were NEGATIVE. We hope this information will allay the concerns of all those who are asking.

“Still like to urge Nigerians to stop reacting to adverse test results as if they were a death sentence. COVID 19 is no respecter of persons or status. The Prince of Wales has it. The British Prime Minister has it. Several high profile Nigerians have it”.

“This disease is normally a very mild one, about 96-97 percent of those infected are expected cured. Over 80 percent do not need hospitals and recover at home by adhering to recommended protocols. However please note that COVID is real.

“Social distancing and compliance with the guidelines of public health authorities is the only way to ensure it does not continue spreading endlessly in our country.

“We should also not assume that this virus left unchecked can not mutate into something even more dangerous and deadly. Most people should shake it off in less than two weeks and sensationalizing results or stigmatizing the disease does not speak well of us as a people.”

Sending well wishes to el-Rufai and his family, Sanusi said, “Our hearts go to him and his family in these times. And we are proud that he has continued to lead the effort to protect his state from spread of the virus even when in isolation.”

. Coronavirus: Sanusi’s Test Result Revealed After Meeting With El-Rufai Follow Concise News.

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