#CoronavirusNigeria Trends As Nigeria Witness First Incident in Lagos

Nigerians are lamenting over the first case of the deadly coronavirus that happened in Lagos in the wee hours of today.

So many are apprehensive of the virus that has killed over 2000.

Some are blaming the federal government for not blacklisting the countries that have reported the case pending the time solutions will be found to it while some are worried about their health while looking for their daily bread.

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See some of the reactions from the Twitter community below.

We have an inherent problem in this country. A case worse than coronavirus – where people never understand the scope and responsibilities of their job. A senator really had to make a case on this for the people in the ministry of health to do their job? #coronavirusnigeria

— Elsie Godwin (@ELSiEiSY) February 28, 2020

Nigerian youth when they hear #coronavirusnigeria vs when they see #nigeriansarsofficer . Criminal or not jepa!

— TheJacobsthought 📎📋🌈🌈 (@AwakDoxa) February 28, 2020

Corona virus inside Nigeria is dreadful but the money wey awa yeye government wan use this matter share this period jus dey pain me.. another news u go hear $100 billion to fight corona virus in Nigeria 🇳🇬#coronavirusnigeria

— SN◑W ⚪️ (@iam_alvinpaul) February 28, 2020

Where is that Nigerian pastor that said he will travel to China to battle Corona Virus. Tell him that Corona Virus paid a surprise visit and is waiting for him already in Lagos.#coronavirusnigeria

— ACID🔱 (@chimdi__) February 28, 2020

Now that #coronavirus has been discovered in Lagos, everybody should please take preventive measures.

Nite Clubs go dry this weekend sha.😭

My advice
Stop jumping from one man to another or from one girl to another.

God help us.#coronavirusnigeria

— SAMSON ADEYEMI ⚪ (@minesam_) February 28, 2020

Corona Virus lands in Nigeria

Yahoo boys in Lekki be like:#coronavirusnigeria

— couRAGE (@Courenzo_) February 28, 2020

. #CoronavirusNigeria Trends As Nigeria Witness First Incident in Lagos Follow iDONSABI.

#CoronavirusNigeria Trends As Nigeria Witness First Incident in Lagos

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