Corporate Drapes #289: Nini and Her Work LooksNini Enefola (Instagram: @iamnini) is everyone’s darling when it comes to style, and she hasn’t let us down in any way! 

As a model, fashion blogger and style consultant, Nini keeps up with trends, she knows what soothes her and of course, we love her work wear outfits. You’ll agree with us!

Here are my top 5 all time fave Nini work look inspirations

ninLook 1: Pretty in olive! Ms N knows how to rock olive on a black knee-length skirt and statement shoes.

nin4Look 2: Culture inspired workwear! MsNini mixes Ankara print fabric on a corporate stripe shirt! Lovely!

nin2Look 3; Jumpsuit kinda day! Perfect shoes for a navy blue jumpsuit!

nin3Look 4: She styles her monochrome outfit with a pop of colour!

nin5Look 5: Floral print midi dress never goes out of style! Slay hunnay, slay!


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