Couple realizes they’re “truly married” as they count wads of cash they made on their wedding day, which is hilarious (VIDEO) – Lifestyle News

newlywed couple’s funny post-wedding moment was taken by the husband while they tallied the wads of cash they’d made from their wedding ceremony, which had had netizens in stitches.

With a wad of cash in her hands, the lady is heard saying her husband, “So like play like play now, you no be my guy again,” as if she had just realized it. It’s because you’re my HUSBAND!

As he verifies what his new wife had just informed him, the husband is smacked with reality as well. He’s also been mentioned.

The attractive lady suddenly busts out laughing and teases him, saying, “You wey no get sense.” They continue to tease one other while discussing how things would change as a result of their marriage, such as how their children will refer to them as mummy, daddy, and so on.

Many netizens who have viewed the film have expressed their admiration for the gorgeous pair, with many wishing their marriage will be as enjoyable as theirs.

As you scroll, keep an eye on the video.