COVID-19: See What Nnamdi Kanu Wants Igbo Traders, Billionaires To Do


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Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has warned traders of foodstuffs in Nigeria’s southeast, which houses the Igbo, against hiking the prices of their goods.

The IPOB leader believes hiking the prices would compound the problems of “Biafrans” who are staying at home due to the lockdown imposed by government due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kanu, in a recent radio broadcast, told “Biafrans” that the period of lockdown was not a time to be selfish and parochial, but a time to come together to save as many lives as possible.

“We must, as traders, change our mindset about making money from this situation at the detriment of our brothers and sisters. We should know that we are in a war with both the invisible enemy, coronavirus and the visible enemy, Nigerian government that has refused to provide relief materials and testing centres for Biafrans,” he said.

“Hiking prices of food items and materials to fight coronavirus at this critical time does not make any sense. If you do it, you are evil, wicked and such evil money will never be useful to you because it is like blood money, you subjected your brothers and sisters to horrible situation to make the money.”

He also said, “We must look at each other as an extension of ourselves because if we allow hunger to drive some of our brothers and sisters out to the streets and they contact the pandemic virus, they will bring it home to infect all of us. So, we must extend whatever food and anti-coronavirus kits we have to our sisters and brothers and even our neighbours to avoid bringing home the deadly pandemic virus.”

As for politicians and billionaires, this was what Kanu said: “I, therefore, urge my fellow Biafrans to forget about the politicians who have been deceiving them and pretending to care for you when they do not care. This is the time to know that they care, but they are nowhere to be found with food and relief materials.

“I challenge ‘Biafran billionaires’ to use the money they are donating to the Federal Government of Nigeria, which I know will not be used on Biafrans, to provide food and anti-coronavirus kits for our people. They should have used the money to set up testing centres in Biafran land instead of giving it to people and government that wants us dead.”

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