Covid-19 Vaccine Likely Has The Mark Of The Beast

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Rapper, Kanye West has recently revealed what the Covid-19 means for everyone, as he says that it is a lesson for everyone to draw closer to God.

Kanye West

Kanye WestHe also believes that the coronavirus vaccine has the possibility of hindering people from making heaven.

The 42-year-old who recently announced his plans to run for the US presidency says that he is very careful about the Covid-19 vaccine as it likely carries the mark of the beast.

Speaking during an interview with Forbes, Kanye West said “It’s so many of our children that are being vaccinated and paralysed.

“So when they say the way we’re going to fix COVID is with a vaccine, I’m extremely cautious. That’s the mark of the beast.

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“They want to put chips inside of us, they want to do all kinds of things, to make it where we can’t cross the gates of heaven.

“I’m sorry when I say they, the humans that have the Devil inside them.

“And the sad thing is that the saddest thing is that we all won’t make it to heaven, that there’ll be some of us that do not make it.

“We need to stop doing things that make God mad.”

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