The crochet braid hairstyle isn’t something new, but its new to Nigeria and some African countries as a whole. The crochet braids have been revamped to give it a more textured and natural appreciation and yes I must say the look is working perfectly. For those who don’t know about the crochet braid; the crochet braid is the application of false Marley hair or bohemian weaves to the hair with the use of a crochet tool.



Crochet Braid Pattern


Now that the weather is getting cold the crochet braid which is of cause a protective hairstyle is what is in vogue, unlike other hairstyles the crochet braid is not one to give you a sore and it takes at most 5 hours to apply it whether you apply it yourself or you do it with the help of someone else. The crochet braid involves plaiting a few cornrows in whatever angle, pattern or shape you want then lace the hair you choose through the cornrows with a crochet braid needle then you put a knot on the attached hair to tie it to the cornrow. You can style it anyway you want to depending on the hair you use, you can add some curls by using rollers.

Here is a video on how to achieve the crochet hairstyle.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.33.04 PM_zpsfvoqd7tl


What You’ll Need:

  • Hair cream
  • Hair comb
  • Crochet pin/Latch hook
  • Clips
  • Bobby pins / Scissors
  • Marley hair (or any other hair you like).

Lets get started, Hair tutorial by the brilliant beauty



maxresdefault (2)



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