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Dammy Krane Said His Credit Card Case Brought Him Closer To GodZUMI



It’s over a year since Dammy Krane had his credit card fraud case and he claims the incident drew him closer to God. Well, his song “Amen” just hit number 1 on the iTunes chart a day after release.

Dammy Krane is not joking with his relationship with God now, especially after he was acquitted of credit card fraud last year. The singer’s new song “Amen” just became the number 1 song on the iTunes chart a day after release.

While speaking on the song’s success in an interview with HipTV, Dammy Krane noted that he learnt to draw closer to God after his credit card fraud saga. According to him, his life is all about God, his family and his fans. Check out what he said below.

“What I have learnt generally first of all is God. You have to always tell God. When you talk to God, trust me I am a perfect example of that. People were talking about me last year. Talking about the jail issue and this year I am the number one of the chart. I will tell you, what made me beat that case and what made me number one on the chart is God. There is no other thing. I have learnt the equation in my life properly, it’s God, my family and fans.”

So guys, a little background gist. Dammy Krane was arrested for credit card fraud in June, 2017 after private jet service company, TapJets alerted the US police that the singer made a booking totalling $10,943 with stolen credit card details.

It was really messy but he was released a few weeks later and cleared of all charges. The case even made him lead a campaign against fraud and other related crimes. Dammy Krane also mentioned that he still faces discrimination because of the incident, despite being found innocent.

Well, we see why he is still being careful. What do you think of his lessons? Share with us in the comment section.






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