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Dancer Martina to open dance studio in Abuja

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Award-winning Whiskey Mistress Dancer Martina Peter, has disclosed that she is working hard to open one of the most entertaining and biggest dance studios in Abuja and across the country.

She urged young girls to take the opportunity of the Nigeria entertainment industry to utilize their potential, saying “for you you to go far in life, you must be determined, focused, and hardworking.
Martina who stated this in a chat with journalists in Abuja, said she was working on opening a big dance studio in Abuja where people can learn the art of dance.

According to her, this is not limited to only females, it is going to both old and young, something like exercise because dancing can keep you fit and you can also use it for leisure.

“Everything starts with God and our determination as well. Once you are determined, there is nothing you won’t achieve. You have to take a step at a time, but then I believe that with my consistency and with my current team, I can actualize my dreams of having the biggest dance studio in Abuja with branches in other states,” she said.

Asked if she has shared this with her boss, she said Mrs. Adenike Isi Adeeko is the type of boss that encourages you to dream big, and she’s put this big dream in my head.

“She encourages us not to pay attention to small things, because those big ones that people are having, you can have as well, because they don’t have two heads and if you set your mind to it, you are going to have it.

“I have spoken to her about being a partnership with her and she said she wouldn’t mind partnering with me and we could start something together. “

Speaking on what motivated her into dancing, she explained that right from when she was little, she loves to dance and she has won a series of awards at little age.

“Dancing keeps me going and it takes my mind off many things like worries, stress and so many ups and downs and some personal problems,” she said.
Speaking on her experiences, she said, “I didn’t start with nightlife, I started working in an eatery because I Know how to cook and make snacks before moving to Abuja, and here (Abuja) I worked as a receptionist in a hotel, I worked as a housekeeper as well. I had to do this to survive because I am the type that doesn’t rely on men to survive.

“I have worked at Tiki Cultures owned by my current boss, now working with her at Whiskey Mistress she’s my first employer as a dancer.”

Speaking on her journey at Whiskey Mistress, she stated that working here has shaped her life because of the kind of boss she has.

” My boss is very kind, good to work with and she always likes to bring you to close, encourage you. She would always tell you that I would not give you money, but she will teach you how to make money.”

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