an*l s*x can be incredibly pleasurable, but, it’s also important to be aware of the dangers of an*l s*x. an*l s*x is considered a high risk s*xual activity. In fact, many experts consider it a riskier activity that vaginal s*x. Most of the dangers of an*l s*x can be overcome. What it takes is knowledge, patience, and sensitivity to your partner’s health and comfort. Among the dangers of an*l s*x:

an*l s*x can be painful. It is extremely important to use plenty of lube and go slowly to minimize the dangers of painful an*l s*x. Sometimes it helps to start with a finger or a small dildo before attempting penile penetration. Go slow, listen to your partner, and be patient.

an*l s*x can cause rectal tearing. The tissue inside the rectum is delicate. Even with plenty of lube, there is a potential for tearing. These tears can be painful, and they can also make your partner more susceptible to infection.

It is easier to get STIs and STDs through an*l s*x. Because of the thinness of rectal tissue and the high risk of tearing, an*l s*x carries a higher danger of STDs and STIs. If you and your partner are not monogamous and if you have not both been tested for STDs, it is important to use a condom during an*l s*x.

It can cause other infections. Never switch from an*l to vaginal s*x without washing in between or putting on a new condom. If you do not take this precaution, you can transfer bacteria from your partner’s rectum to her v**ina. If you engage in extremely risky behavior such as a*s-to-mouth, there is also a chance of transmitting a local infection, such as a rectal case of Chlamydia from your partner’s anus to her mouth.

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