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Dating A Work Colleage: Hidden Dangers To Know



We spend a lot of our time at work. So it will make sense that we can develop a close friendship with our colleagues and sometimes, this may even lead to attraction.

Should you go as far as having a relationship with someone you work with? Here are some hidden dangers of dating a work colleague.

There’s a potential for drama

When your love life crashes with your work life, drama could ensue. For instance, you may end up having lovers’ spat in the office. And if you break up, things can get very uncomfortable and awkward. How exactly do you move on when you have to see your ex every day?

dating a work colleague

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Power dynamics

If the person you’re dating is a senior or junior colleague, this may complicate things. The senior one may wonder if the junior one is using him/her to get ahead. And the junior one may be worried about being taken advantage of. Hence, dating a work colleague will probably spark a lot of insecurity.

It may affect productivity

When the person you yearn for is sitting right in the next cubicle, chances are you will be distracted from time to time. Dating a work colleague means you have more reason to be engrossed with thoughts of them at work.

This does not mean an office romance is doomed to fail. In fact, the relationship is likely to be stronger because working together means you both have a few things in common.

dating a work colleague

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However, this will only be beneficial if it’s more than just a fling to both partners. This way, you can have serious conversations about not letting the fact that you’re dating a work colleague affect your relationship.

If you’re not ready to reveal your relationship to everyone at work, check out these tips on how to have a discreet office romance.



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