Dealing with: Hair DiscolorationHarmful Ultraviolet Rays from the sun can cause the hair in your hair discoloration. This change is called oxidation (a chemical . that causes damage to the outer hair shaft) and though it is a gradual process, if you spend time outdoors, it could affect the natural appearance of your hair.

When oxidation starts to affect the hair system, it may begin to take on a red hue or color tint. This is most often as a direct result of losing the green color pigments in the hair shafts of a hairpiece.

These color pigments become exposed to the elements and turn red because oxidation causes the outer layer of hair follicles to peel back.

Some other causes of discolouration includes;

 1. Over use of relaxers

2. Concentrating heat on a particular part of the hair

3. Weather – Sunlight –without moisturizing, the weather tends to affect

4. Misuse of products

Silky Neutralising ShampooPrevention methods;

1. Do not apply relaxer to the previously relaxed part

2. Don’t concentrate much styling tool on a particular type

3. Application of oil moisturizer daily.

Most ladies often make this huge mistake when they relax their hair; they wash out the relaxer with a moisturizing shampoo rather than a neutralizing shampoo.

A moisturizing shampoo doesn’t stop the . of the chemical, but a neutralizing shampoo removes the shampoo completely and prevents chemical . which can lead to hair discoloration.

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