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Dear MEN, Are You A Sponsor, Fossil Or An Ancestor When It Comes To Relationships & Women?



Sponsor: He’s older but can be flaunted as a boyfriend. A sugar baby would rather part with a boyfriend than lose a sponsor who settles financial and basic needs. They know their responsibilities and respond to urgent and emergency matters without questions. He will take her to the most exclusive clubs, but she will never tag him on Instagram or ..

The Politician, AKA “Mheshimiwa” He likes politics, and has a politician’s ‘look’. Walks around with bodyguards, and goes out only for show. He’s crowd-puller. He can’t be mistaken for a boyfriend.

Fossil: Men in their 60s and octogenarians. Most of them if not expatriates, like expensive hotels, clubs and beach side resorts.


Ancestor: Men who are older than the woman’s dad and are stuck in the 70s and 80s. Retired men just about 55 to 60 who have already planned a future for their families.

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