Destiny Amaka Tells Rape Victims What To Do When No One Believes Them

Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka has advised victims of rape to make peace with themselves and accept the fact that the incident was not caused by them, hence they should stop blaming themselves for it.

She shared this advice when she spoke to Kemi Filani news in an interview whilst reacting to the s.exual molestation case involving embattled actor, Baba Ijesha and a minor.

Destiny Amaka said a lady who has been raped must first get counselling and forgive herself because it is part of the healing process, however, she cautioned about the kind of person one should talk to as speaking to the wrong person can cause more problems for you.

“Speak out but be sure to make peace with yourself, accept it and know you are not the cause it is not your fault. Once you can stop blaming yourself it’s easier to stand your ground if no one believes you. It’s really hard to give advice as each case is unique to the individuals. Sometimes speaking up at the wrong time to the wrong person could cause more harm than good.

So, be careful who you talk to but do talk to someone. If you have been sexually abused then please try and get counseling and activity. Then work on your healing and forgive yourself first.”

She stated further, ” The rape case is really rampant. Social media once again is shining a light and exposing things that go on daily in a high number of African homes. We need more mainstream adverts published on buses and homes everywhere.

Radio adverts, tv commercials and local religious institutions need to also play their part with emphasis on sexual abuse as well as create a safe environment for abused children and counseling for the family members. We’ve all got a role to play on this, not just the government.  I’ve been fortunate enough to never experience such terror but I have women close to me who have.”

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