Did Ariana Grande crash Florida’s voter registration.

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Did Ariana Grande crash Florida’s voter registration.

Ariana Grande may have played a part in Florida’s voter registration site experiencing a surge in traffic.

On Monday, the 27-year-old pop star took to Twitter and Instagram with a message for her followers from Florida, imploring them to register to vote, as “Florida has the potential of swaying the election.”

As Grande mentioned in her message, Monday was initially the final day to register to vote in the state, and not long after the tweet was published, the registration website began to experience an “unprecedented” surge in traffic, the South Florida Sun Sentinal reported.

Users of the website were hit with error messages and other online gaffes as they tried to register, prompting the state to extend the registration deadline by nearly 24 hours, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

However, the state’s chief information officer placed the blame for the glitches on misconfigured servers rather than high traffic.

The “God is a woman” singer boasts 77.5 million followers on Twitter, and as of publication, her Monday tweet garnered 65,500 likes and 7,400 retweets.

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Reps for Grande did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Florida’s chief information officer James Grant said that the servers had been configured in a way that limited the cite’s capacity “to a fraction of a fraction of what it was capable of.”

Once the servers were reconfigured, however, the system had “whole lot more horsepower,” he said.

The spike was so unusual that the state worked with law enforcement to rule out a cyberattack.

“Yikes #VoterSuppression,” Grande would later tweet when news of the crash broke. “@GovRonDeSantis please extend registrations.”

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