‘Dismantle Stingy Men Association Now’

Stingy Men Association Nigeria
Dismantle Stingy Men Association Now – Don Jazzy’s Dad Mavin Grandpa Calls

Don Jazzy’s Dad Mavin Grandpa has called upon his son to dismantle Stingy Men Association of Nigeria, an association Jazzy formed a while ago on social media.

This is how the association formed; Don Jazzy flaunted an ID card yesterday of the association and many people have since joined the funny association of men in Nigeria who are proud stingy men and their motto is “Let me see what I can do”.

Not happy with the association, Mavin Grandpa has called upon his son, Don Jazzy to dismantle the association immediately.

He noted to his son that such association has the capability of causing a Third World War, hilariously.

“That identity for that association no balance at all @donjazzy. Am calling a meeting of the grandpas soon to disband this funny identity association that may cause the Third World War. #EndSMAN,” Mavin Grandpa wrote on Instagram.”, Mavin Grandpa noted in a video he posted about Stingy Men Association.

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