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Disney Patrons Flock to Splash Mountain, Last Ride Before Shutdown

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The days of ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’ at Disney parks in the U.S. are about to be long gone — which is why folks are forming massive lines this weekend for a final go-around.

Tons of Disneyland & Disney World patrons posted photos/videos Saturday and Sunday that show them waiting for their chance to hop on a log and cruise through Splash Mountain one final time before it officially closes down for a re-imagining starting Monday.

The classic fan fave ride is going to be reworked into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure — a riff off the movie ‘The Princess and The Frog,’ which features a New Orleans swampy setting. That version is expected to reopen sometime in 2024 … so SM will go dark until at least then.

In light of this hiatus, ticket-buyers are flocking to the attraction like never before, with lines that stretch into entirely different sections of the park. We’re talking hundreds of people.

Unclear how long the wait times are, but we imagine a couple hours at least. The riders don’t seem to care though — frankly, this is the last opportunity anyone is going to have to enjoy Splash Mountain as it originally was … and it seems Disney fiends want their fill.

Splash Mountain has been around since the late ’80s, and it’s become a staple for many in any Disney park visit. The water ride is based on the 1946 live action/animated film ‘Song of the South’ … and includes all the ‘Br’er’ characters from the movie — Rabbit, Fox, Bear, etc.

The reason Splash Mountain is being remade at all is because the old movie and character have been called problematic — namely, that they romanticize the old South and play into stereotypes about African-Americans, etc. It hasn’t aged well in the 21st century.

There’s been debate on whether Splash needed a facelift — but this falls in line with other changes Disney has made to outdated rides in recent years. The times are a-changin’.🤷🏽‍♂️

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