Have you ever tried making a wig or sewing one in by yourself? Well if you haven’t then its about time. There are so many reasons that makes a lady want to do her hair herself, out of curiosity, out of the fact that she forgot to book her hair appointment on time or out of the fact that she just wants to be creative and happen to enjoy DIY projects, well whichever reason you fall into, this 6+ minute video from Khadijat known as Peekmill on YouTube should inspire you to try out this DIY high pony tail look.


Here peekmill show us how to put on  a wig, sew it in and raise it up in a high pony tail. She also show us how to make our hair match the look of the wig especially if its curly so its best to pay attention and maybe you could try this out on your own time it could be this night or tomorrow.




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